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Welcome!  On this site you'll learn about the work of Avi Gvili, author and educator.  The basis of his work is this revolutionary idea explained by Eli Siegel, American poet and founder of the philosophy Aesthetic Realism:  "All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves." 

The opposites are in every aspect of writing.  For example, as a writer thinks about a character different from himself--a detective, a superhero, an ancient warrior--he is organically pulling ideas from his own mind; that is, he is seeing how he is the same as the character.  And as an artist uses his imagination to create settings, characters, plot, tone, he or she needs to go after saying something true about the world in order for the story to be believable.  

To read more, please explore the site, and come back often to find out Avi Gvili's latest book talks and presentations.  And also check out Boulevard Books for more information.
Samson Turner, a video game loving teenager, finds out he is endowed with the strength of Hercules, the legendary superhero. With his loyal friend, Leo, and the beautiful warrior, Trinity Marks, they set out to stop Gideon Nefaris and his henchmen from possessing the Orb of Orpheus, an ancient object that grants unlimited power. Join Samson and his friends as they travel into the world of Greek gods and mythical monsters.
Come take a heart-warming trip in this collection of contemporary short stories as we find the sweet romance and illuminating drama within the moments of our lives. Life, then, throws open the curtain to reveal the suspense and rich meaning in the stories from the everyday.
Superheroes & You! is an interactive talk on Kindness and Power in such beloved superhero characters as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman. To the left is a presentation given in Barnes & Noble in upper Manhattan in May 2011

                                                                        Educator Appreciation Day
                                                                                 Barnes & Noble
                                                                         Staten Island, NY Oct. 2013


The Quest for Olympus Book Launch
Barnes & Noble
April 2015

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